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Steven Culp on "Grey's Anatomy"

Episode: 9.04 - I Saw Her Standing There

"GREY'S ANATOMY" - "I Saw Her Standing There" - Aware that Derek might never operate again, Meredith stops talking about the surgeries she's performing. Meanwhile, Richard calls on Dr. Catherine Avery to help him perform a complicated procedure, as things continue to heat up between Jackson and April; and Arizona's struggle to accept her fate forces Callie and Alex to face their guilt, on "Grey's Anatomy," THURSDAY, OCTOBER 25 (9:00-10:02 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

Guest cast for "I Saw Her Standing There" includes Debbie Allen as Catherine Avery, Steven Culp as Dr. Parker, Ethan Embry as David, Trever O'Brian as Bryan, Gaius Charles as Intern Shane, Camilla Luddington as Intern Josaphine, Tina Majorino as Intern Heather, Jerrika Hinton as Intern Stephanie, Tessa Ferrer as Intern Leah, Marcuis W. Harris as Rob with William Daniels as Dr. Thomas.

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Summarizing thoughts of the storyline Steven's character was involved with

(, by Jenny Pickard

"Grey's Anatomy" Recap: Cristina Gets Over Owen - And Under Dr. Parker

Cristina (Sandra Oh) officially put Owen (Kevin McKidd) behind her by jumping into bed with Dr. Parker (Steven Culp), who coincidentally is also her supervisor. (Cristina definitely has a type!) But that didn't last long when Cristina discovered her new beau was wrongfully trying to force fellow surgeon Dr. Thomas (William Daniels) to retire because of his old age and stubborn attitude. To spite Dr. Parker, Cristina convinced Dr. Thomas to use a more modern procedure, and much to Dr. Parker's dismay, he was successful.

(, by Nicole Rojas)

Christina (Sandra Oh) and new boss Dr. Parker (Steven Culp) begin the episode as "sex friends" as she adjusts to her new job at the Mayo Clinic. That is, until she realizes that he is using her to get rid of her new best friend, the elderly Dr. Thomas. In an abnormal show of compassion, for Christina at least, she shows up Dr. Parker to help keep her new confidant another day at the hospital.

The sexy relationship fizzles out before fans of Christina and husband Owen (Kevin McKidd) have anything to really worry about.


NEWSFLASH! Cristina is sleeping with the Mayo Clinic's head of cardio, Dr. Parker. He's about as jovial and carefree as a person can get and she's, well, not. Hey, opposites attract, right? Cristina assures Meredith that Parker is just her sex friend. Her closest pal in the great state of Minnesota is the guy she couldn't stand initially. That would be the elderly Dr. Thomas. The guy is Cristina's ancient Minnesota Meredith if that makes any sense.

Cristina learns that her new sex friend is looking to force Dr. Thomas into retirement. She realizes the only way to save her Minnesota Mer-man is to get him to ditch his old school ways to do a procedure that's a bit more 21st Century. Dr. Thomas struggles during the operation. He wants Cristina to take over. Instead, she talks him through and everything turns out aces. Afterwards, Cristina lets Dr. Parker know that she having drinks with her friend, Dr. Thomas. That means her sex friend will be going home alone.

(, by Karen Belgrad)

Cristina: Cristina is making herself somewhat at home by having a fling with her boss, Dr. Parker. Between Burke, Marlow, and Hunt, this once again just adds to her list of pursuing relationships with authority figures. But unlike the past, Cristina is clearly just scratching an orgasmic itch with Dr. Parker and settling for mediocre sex. Her own relationship that is burgeoning is her admiration of and friendship with Dr. Thomas (Feeney!). Through a casual comment by Parker, Cristina realizes she's part of a master plan to force Thomas to retire, by showing his inability to use newer techniques makes him a liability. But rather than be the selfish Cristina of times past, she comes to Thomas's aid, guiding him through a newer technique with great success. In the end, she rebuffs Parker and embraces her friendship with Thomas over a couple of Old-Fashioned cocktails. I like empathetic Cristina!

(, by Taryn Ryder)

Two Peas in an OR: Cristina and Dr. Thomas' friendship keeps growing. He even brought her breakfast. Aw! Meanwhile, sex friend Dr. Parker (Steven Culp) is still trying to court Cristina (and we don't just mean in bed). Cristina opts to work on an aneurism with Thomas (William Daniels) rather than Parker's case and Parker seems to take it personally, so he puts Thomas on probation.

(, by Sarah)

Meredith says the clothes a surgeon wears helps to present an image, while she and Derek and  Cristina and her boss have a roll in the sack.

Cristina calls Mere to tell her about Parker, her sex friend. Mere says it's a call for help and Cristina says it's a call for an orgasm. Old guy (Feeny) is Cristina's bestie, the Mere of Minnesota. Meredith tells her to be regular friends with him and no sex friends with Parker when her intern comes up with the scan which causes Mere to hang up.

Cristina realizes talking to Mere that Parker plans on getting rid of Dr. Thomas and she takes off to see Parker to ask why they're getting rid of him. Parker says they can't fire him, but his age will present a lawsuit. She's the opposite of him. Cristina shows human compassion for the first time ever and says he should have told her. The next day she asks Dr. Thomas why he won't do her surgery and he gets angry saying he won't change his plans, but she asks him to prove her wrong.

It's surgery day for Cristina and Dr. Thomas and Parker storms in asking what she told him because Dr. Thomas has changed his mind on the surgery. She says she didn't say anything, he just changed his mind and Parker says it's maybe better – when Thomas screws up they can get rid of him. I hope the sex was good Cristina because he's an ass. Dr. Thomas isn't doing so well in surgery but Cristina walks him through a hard spot before he takes off on his own. I feel that Cristina has really started to grow as a person! I like it!

Parker chases Cristina out telling her surgery was great. She tells him it was wrong what he tried to do and he agrees then asking her out. She cuts him off saying she's meeting a friend (Dr. Thomas of course) for drinks. Night!

(, by Tanner Stransky)

Speaking of Dr. Feeney, his interactions with Cristina this week were delightful. In fact, that storyline has only been increasing in interest and weight. I was shocked – shocked! -- when we saw Cristina in a sexual relationship with her boss, Rex (okay, Dr. Parker, but I'm still gonna call him Rex). But I realized that wasn't just a gag for shock value -- it was designed to create an even better storyline, one where Cristina got a heart. The Grinch's heart grew!

As Cristina got to know her sex-partner Rex more, she learned that he had designs on pushing out Dr. Feeney (actual name: Dr. Thomas), mostly because his techniques were outdated. Cristina screamed about ethics and then helped out Dr. Feeney in spite of Rex. She even blew off Rex sex so she could go have an Old Fashioned (so adorbs!) with Dr. Feeney -- it was beyond cute. She had a great line, too, during the episode, when she was ribbing Feeney for his old techniques. "Was that before or after," she asked, "you learned to use sheep's blood to lift a witch's curse?"

(, by Lesley Goldberg)

During the Kevin McKidd-directed episode, Arizona begins to repair her relationship with Callie, while Cristina's "sex friend" relationship ends on a sour note.

Cristina's back to her old self -- and has a "sex friend" in the weasely Dr. Parker (Steven Culp). Cris figures out that Parker's plotting to get rid of Dr. Thomas (William Daniels) by forcing him to retire and pushes the elder doctor to prove he's still got the chops to be there. After helping him prove his worth, Cris ends it with Parker.

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