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Steven Culp on "Push, Nevada"

as Well-Dressed Man No. 2

Push, Nevada follows a mild-mannered IRS agent, Jim Prufrock, as he travelled to the mysterious desert town of Push, Nevada. While conducting an investigation of a sizable accounting error made by the Versailles Casino, Jim begins to realize that there may be stranger things going on in this town than embezzlement. Despite frequent warnings from a 'Slo-dancer', Mary, to leave town before he's in too deep, Jim continues to investigate the strange town where a lot of things don't seem to add up.

After many unpleasant incidents, and with the help of his faithful secretary, Grace, Jim discovers that no one in Push, Nevada has filed an income tax return since 1985. There's also a clandestine corporation known as Watermark, LLC., that appears to control every financial facet of the town, as well as local law enforcement and even forces in the federal government. With the help of Shadrack, Mary Sloman, Caleb Moore, Job, and others who appear to be less crooked in town, Jim begins to unravel the mystery surrounding the missing million (and Bible), and the strange behavior of Push's residents.

By the final episode, Jim never finds out about the contents of the North Wing of Martha's Boarding House, or that his father, Alfred (presumed dead since Jim was a child), was the sender of the mysterious fax that first sent him to Push, Nevada.

The show was an interactive mystery series where the audience could play along, collect clues, and attempt to win the missing money. Players could also find clues at different internet websites seen on the show. Originally scheduled to air 13 episodes, ABC Television cancelled the show after seven episodes. The final clue of the series was broadcast during the pre-game show during Monday Night Football on October 28, 2002.

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ABC formally announces 'Push, Nevada' cancellation, series to end October 24th

By Reality TV World staff, 10/10/2002

Susan Lyne, president, ABC Entertainment, today announced several changes to the Network's lineup, including that announcement that "Push, Nevada" will air until Thursday, October 24, culminating the critically-acclaimed series' run with the seventh episode.

Viewers who have been playing along with the game that is woven into the weekly episodes will still have the chance to win the grand prize, in excess of one million dollars. Details will be announced shortly and revised rules will be posted on

"Both 'That Was Then' and 'Push, Nevada' are creatively very strong, but we were simply unable to attract a mass audience for them," added Ms. Lyne. "We want viewers of 'Push' to see the outcome of Prufrock's investigation, and airing it through the seventh episode will give closure to the storyline."

$1,045,000 winner of ABC's 'Push, Nevada' game announced

By Reality TV World staff, 11/14/2002

ABC has announced that Mark Nakamoto, 24, of West New York, New Jersey, is the lucky viewer who claimed the $1,045,000 prize from the Push, Nevada Game.

Nakomoto solved the "Push, Nevada" puzzle after watching the "Push, Nevada" series and the Final Clue, broadcast live during ABC's "Monday Night Football" on October 28, which completed the information viewers needed to solve the puzzle. The Final Clue led viewers to a series of letters taken from the episode clues that, together with a cipher, corresponded to a telephone number. Less than two minutes after the final piece of the puzzle was broadcast, Nakamoto, an assistant editor for a Manhattan publishing company, was the first contestant to call the winning number.

Nakamoto wasn't the only viewer to figure the puzzle out, just the quickest to respond. During the first 20 minutes after the Final Clue was broadcast, more than 500 people solved the puzzle and called the winning number. Within the first 24 hours, more than 10,000 viewers had called.

The Push, Nevada Game was the largest TV and online game of skill ever played in America (for a prize of over 1 million dollars). The TV portion of the game is in a class of its own, as it was the only nationwide game of skill that could be played and won by simply watching a TV show. An estimated number of players upwards of 600,000 participated in the game, based on a percentage of broadcast viewers and online numbers. Additionally, close to 200,000 of these players interacted with the online portion of the game, rivaling some of the largest online games in existence.

"Push, Nevada," a mystery about a strange Nevada town where nothing is as it seems, had its last original airing on the ABC Television Network on October 24. Sean Bailey, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Chris Moore were executive producers of "Push, Nevada," from LivePlanet in association with Touchstone Television.

LivePlanet creates, markets and distributes entertainment experiences that break down the barriers between traditional media, new media and the physical world. LivePlanet calls this new kind of entertainment experience "integrated media." Ben Affleck, Sean Bailey, Matt Damon and Chris Moore founded LivePlanet in June 2000.

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